Attributes of God: God is Faithful

Attributes of God: God is Faithful


Faithfulness is a very special word. A faithful man is someone who will always have his eyes on you and will never leave you for another. He is someone who can keep his word and stick to his promises. A faithful man is then a very special man. In our times, they are hard to find actually. In an age where people change cellfone models every year, change their profile pictures every week, change their status every day  -it is no wonder why people nowadays find it so easy to change their minds and hearts. We are so accustomed to change things when it no longer suits as or please us. We find it very easy to throw away and so hard to stick to what we no longer like. The saddest part is when it is someone’s heart that we are throwing away. Unfaithfulness hurt.

  • When you hear the word “faithful” what comes to your mind?
  • What are things that you are fond of replacing (palit ng palit)?
  • What is one thing that you are loyal to? Why?


The Bible says that God is so faithful that even though we become faithless he will remain faithful (II Tim. 2:13). When he decided to love us, it meant that he would rather experience hell on earth than to remain in heaven without us. And He did. It was not the nails that kept Jesus hanging on the cross. He could have gone down and summoned ten thousand armies of angels to wipe out all those who dare kill him. But he didn’t. He remained on the cross till the end. What kept him there is nothing but his faithfulness to save us from our sins. God is that faithful.

  • Whenever you feel you are straying away from God, what comes to your mind?
  • Do you think God will ever leave you? Magsasawa ba siya?


A songleader once asked the congregation if God is good. Of course, the people replied with a mighty “All the time.” Again she asked them, “All the time?”  Again the people responded with a roaring, “God is good!” Then she paused and looked at everyone and slowly asked “Why?” Dumbfounded by the question, the halls of the church fell on deep silence. After a few minutes, she gently said the words, “Because His faithfulness endures forever.” Psalms 136:1-26 repeatedly emphasized this wonderful truth. Not only that God is faithful, but he will remain so until forever.

  • How does such love make you feel?
  • What can you do to respond to God’s faithfulness?


The fact that God is faithful means a lot of things. It means that we can rely on his promises. It means that we can ever be assured that he will never leave us. It means that we can count on him to look beyond our mistakes and failures. The bond of love that God shared with us is far bigger than all the fears that we can have (Romans 8:31-39). This is enough reason for us to ever be “full of faith” and ever be “faithful” to God. Nothing and no one in the world can love us greater.

  • Honestly, have you been faithful to God?
  • Have you ever doubted God or his promises and commands?

In the end, we should realize that “faith rests not on our ability to maintain it but on God’s faithfulness to sustain us.”

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Rei Lemuel Crizaldo

Rei Lemuel Crizaldo is a graphic artist, new media communications specialist, and professor of public theology. His biblical reflections on public issues and faith, "Opinyon ng Pilipino", airs regularly at 702 DZAS. He released a new book this year on how the next generation of Filipinos pray. It is entitled "Connected Ka Ba?" and is published by OMF Literature. Catch his random rants at

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