Truth On-Air is a non-profit Christian Internet Radio Station that is based in the Philippines. It aims to propagate the Good News that Jesus Christ is the Father’s Only Begotten Son, The One and Only Savior (Messiah) and the King of Kings and Lord of Lords through the use of Internet and Social Media. Its primary purpose is to let the Truth about Jesus Christ be heard to the ends of the earth for the glory of His name .The only name that this Christian Internet Radio Station wants to be lifted up is the name of JESUS CHRIST. All of these things are for His Fame and everything will take place through the power of His Name.


Truth On-Air envisions seeing the TRUTH of JESUS CHRIST resound in Social Media. We believe that the youth is the hope of this generation and the future that is waiting to be happened. Social Media is the most powerful tool that a youth nowadays can possess. Everything is at the tip of his or her fingers and because of this; the group firmly believes that Social Media must be penetrated by mighty men and women of God in order to spread the Good News easily and effectively.  Social Media has the power to influence an entire generation because the Internet makes it possible to connect people even if they live across the world and in different countries. Because of the Internet and Social Media, more people can hear and grasp the Truth that Jesus Christ is the one and only Savior and that apart from Him, nobody, nobody, and nobody saves.

Battle Cry

All4hisfame, Everything4hisname! is the group’s battle cry. We firmly believe that no other name should be RAISED,
no other name should be PRAISED, and none other than the name of Jesus Christ by which we are all SAVED. JESUS CHRIST is the TRUTH, the Only WAY and the LIFE!