Could it be Angels?

Then lot of “stars” began to show up. They were like a huge army in sky. It’s like the whole galaxy was there. And this time, I am not exaggerating. But they are not just stars. They were angels. I know it was hard to believe at first but I was there. I was seeing them. Some of them were moving. Some were like going around in circles. Others were dancing. It couldn’t be a jet or an airplane. Machines don’t dance around. Planets don’t dance around.

There were people with us who have been blessed seeing angels a few steps away as if they were in front of them. My mother saw a big one and she saw a sash of fire on one of the angels in the sky. I saw a cloud that shaped exactly like a dove or an eagle spreading its wings. It was somehow bright. The color of the light is between red and gold. I could still see the picture in my mind. It felt like God sent them to assure us that He is watching over us and He knows what just happened back in the camp site.