Christianity vs Scientology: Transformation within the Human Soul (Part II)

Click here to read Part I. Change According To Christianity To refute Scientology’s auditing stuff with the Word of Yahweh is fairly easy. All we need is a simple exegesis…

A Teenager’s Point of View on the Impeachment: Chief Justice Renato C. Corona: Convicted – 20 Senator Judges

It has been five months since the Impeachment Trial on Chief Justice Renato Corona had started. Throughout the impeachment trial, we have seen how the prosecution panel gathered a lot of evidences and witnesses in order to support their allegations against Corona. Some of these witnesses were very controversial and defiant. Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, the Basa Family, and the treasury officer of Marikina City were some of them. Documents and PowerPoint presentations served as evidences. We have also seen how the defense panel nullified these accusations and how they manifested their intelligence and expertise at the laws and procedures that were developed through years and years of practice and studying. Defense Lead Counsel, Cerafin Cuevas, retired Chief Justice while some of the members of the defense panel were graduates of Harvard University and Bar Top Notchers. We have seen how they had squabbled and argued. Their mastery of the laws was praiseworthy and exemplary. Truly, they were all knowledgeable and experts in their fields.

The Makings of A History Maker

Whenever I read the news on a popular search engine, I would sometimes scan down the comments below the article. The reader reaction ranges from being funny to intensely reactive and sometimes would be another article in itself depending on the writer’s outburst. As the new media tends to quicken and broaden our freedom of expression, still, they remain as words…but after we give our outbursts, what do we do next?

It’s good that today’s quick tech-media encourages us to be more outspoken, hoping that the thousands who would chance to scan our comments would consider and reconsider the change. It’s just so sad that most comments are meant to criticize and judge. Whenever a bill, a presidential rumor, a ruse, or just an official comment is on the news, people react quickly, crying out change. But I wonder if they ever act immediately for that change.

The political landscape of ancient Israel also dealt with so much public outbursts. The people had God but then they demanded for a king to rule over them (I Samuel 8:4-9). When they had a king, there comes the pro- and the anti-groups hanging around the palace. Or when calamity seizes them, the people would blame God for their misfortune. If one would put together these complaints and demands, they did made some difference. However, most of these complaints only made things worse, as most of these complainers turned away from the very will of God.

Change can only happen when we stop talking and start doing. We love to speak out but were scared to act it out. Talking can only do so much. Real change must be acted out from the heart. Even if we start with the little things, we will be blessed with so much (Luke 16:10). Cleaning the barangay, helping around, encouraging our friends, and even praying for the nation can make big changes. We might not know it, but when we start with the little things, we can be a part of the big change that we are dreaming for. If everyone stops complaining and just do the little things faithfully (save for the dishonest ways), slowly, such a change unimagined will be made. Let’s not be impatient in seeing big change by just lying around and complaining loud. Being a history maker starts out by being honest in the little ways.