Staying in Our Mission Fields

We have our own mission fields. Wherever God brings us, that is our mission field. We just have to be sensitive and know His leading that this is the right place where we should be.

When we say “mission field”, people quickly think of remote places like those in Africa, hard-to-find Asian tribes, and dangerous South American jungles. Surprisingly, nobody thinks of Europe and North America. But actually, there is no limit to what a mission field should be. It is anywhere as long as it is on the face of the earth.

We have our own assignments. We are given specific mission fields. And as children of God, we are given our own inheritance along with Christ. We were given the nations (Psalms 2:8) and yet when we say “the nations”, it includes all nations – and our own nation!

Being a missionary doesn’t is not only for the most remote areas on earth. We are missionaries on our own rights because we have a mission – to bring the love of Christ down on earth – to the people around us. That’s why, we are mandated to be the “salt and light of the earth”. Salt and light are not scattered in one specific area…they should be everywhere!

Go out and spread the gospel. And while the Lord may not yet call us out to the other nations, let’s start with our own. In our schools, our workplaces, our homes, and even our church. The reason we are everywhere is because God wants to touch people everywhere on earth through us.

Are you going to sulk in your own cubicle wondering when to resign? Or wait for graduation day because you’re bored with school? Or you want to get married because you want to get out of a home that is not at peace with you? Ask the Lord; you might be a missionary in such a place. Only the Lord knows the reason we are in our own places. Unless it is time to go to another field, stay where you are and be the “missionary” He wants you to be.