Redeemed by the Blood

Whenever I go through the “Moses Chronicles” – that is, from Exodus to Deuteronomy, I am always overwhelmed with the long list of laws written down. “You shall not eat unclean animals”, “You must give these as a grain offering”, and such that seem to sound too complex, apart from the “basic” Ten Commandments. But what had boggled my mind this evening is the consequences for disobeying these laws are usually harsh…like stoning the sinner to death.
Knowing that these seem to have changed when the New Testament opened, I asked God does it mean that these laws have become void and null. I wouldn’t explain it in an attorney’s jargon, but Romans 7 gave me a refreshing revelation.
Apostle Paul explained how we were redeemed from the law’s punishment through the blood of Jesus. Now, in the OT, one way to redeem a person from sin is through blood sacrifice – kill the lamb and sprinkle its blood on the altar. Jesus, then, became the ultimate sacrifice, as He shed His blood to redeem us all; past, present, and future. Paul mentioned that we have “died to the law through the body of Christ” (Romans 7:4). But he also had taken note that the law is not really the sin, but when we know more of the law, the more we rebelled against it because of our sinful nature (Romans 7:7-20). Originally, the law said, through Moses, it was given because of their hardheartedness. But Jesus came not to abolish the law but fulfill it (Matthew 5:17). Truly, the law sounded harsh but when Jesus came, He redeemed us all…the mercy of the Lord fulfilled the redemption of the law itself, and those who come to die from self are redeemed from death, accomplished by trespassing the law.
What overwhelmed my heart is the greatness of this redemption. The mercy of the Lord is so unfathomable, I couldn’t believe how great is His love. What the hard-headed Israelites at the wilderness did not realize, is now so open to everyone. I just pray we all come to see it. How great is Your love, Lord, how great!