Asking the Love of a Beggar

You’ve asked me for my love
I dared not to offer
I gave myself to a sadness instead
That can be swept away with Your kiss

I put myself into rejection
Celebrating loss in a vain fashion
Still, You pursued me so madly
Until I am caught in Your arms completely

I tried to hide my nakedness
With dirt rags stained with death
I tried to run so You cannot catch me
Until tall walls hindered me to run through

Turning away, I did not want to look
At that handsome countenance drenched in love
Then You cam and took my soiled fingers
My heart fell when You kissed them lovingly

Once again, for just once again
Let me hear You ask of my love
Over and over I shall say yes
Forever and ever, I shall give You my love

Kiss The Scars

“I will kiss the scars that bruised your skin ‘til pain is gone,

For I already considered them Mine long ago.

Whatever happens, do not think My love is withdrawn

Because My endearments remain as each beat they grow.”

Love is Like A Garden

Just like a garden, love is enjoyed when it is in full bloom. To keep it blooming, the love in our hearts grows when tended. If we do not feed it, it slowly dies. But just like humans, our love needs more than watering. It also needs faithful and patient tending.

Song of Solomon 6:2 describes how God loves to delight in the garden of our hearts; “My lover has gone down to his garden, to the beds of spices, to browse in the gardens and to gather lilies.” Just like the bridegroom in this verse, not only do we delight in the love that He gives us, but He Himself also delight in our small yet sweet little hearts that beat only for Him. When our hearts are filled with so much love for Him, truly He enjoys it and wants to dwell in it as if our love is a strong, sweet fragrance from rare and lovely flowers.