Heartbeat For Israel: A Joyful Celebration of Israel’s 65th Year of Independence

Heartbeat For Israel: A Joyful Celebration of Israel’s 65th Year of Independence

SHALOM! El Elohey Yisrael International Ministry would like to invite all brothers and sisters in the Messiah on May 7, 2013, 3-8PM, at San Andres Sports Complex, Manila (District 5)…

Paglantad ng Mga Sikreto ng Sabah

Paglantad ng Mga Sikreto ng Sabah

Caloy Diño (March 18, 2013)  Sabi na nga ba.  “Walang natatagong di malalantad, at walang lihim na di mabubunyag.” Sinasaad ng Marcos 4:22 na sa kaharian ng Diyos, walang sikreto…

Saved once more

While riding on a pedicab, soaking wet and cold because of the rain and the flood, I was shaking tremendously. I couldn’t believe that I would be in that situation. My brother JC and I hurried out to our dorms in Manila to meet our father, and our two uncles halfway in Nagtahan where our car was parked.

Searching for “Justice”

Two months ago, our Filipino senator judges found then-Chief Justice Renato Corona guilty of violating Article II of the Articles of Impeachment filed against him. To date, he is the first Filipino Supreme Court Chief Justice to have been impeached.

Right now, the Judicial Bar Council of the Philippines is in the process of selecting the potential successor for the position of Chief Justice. They plan to announce it within this week.

So with the quick turn of events in our country, as citizens do we ask ourselves, “What kind of justice do we want?” or at least, “What kind of justice do we deserve?”

Why We Don’t Want Kabataan Party List to BAN GOD

The news just got disturbing.

Here in the Philippines, Kabataan Party list Representative Raymond Palatino filed a bill entitled “RELIGIOUS FREEDOM IN GOVERNMENT ACT”. Though it would first seem that it is in favor of religion, well if you read it carefully, it is not.

Lady Gaga’s Nudity

“It’s just artistic expression.”

I’ve heard and read that a lot of times before in the news and on online discussions about the performances of the American pop diva Lady Gaga. But is it really just art? therefore harmless? even productive? Or is there something more to it? hence harmful? not to mention destructive? What am I even talking about? I’m talking about Lady Gaga’s performances: her music, her dances, her costumes, her music videos, even her photo shoots. I’m talking about the occult symbols so often, if not always portrayed in her public appearances. Clearly, something has gone wrong….

Our Days Of Valor

Today, in the Philippines, we celebrate the Day of Valor (Araw ng Kagitingan). Filipinos sacrificed themselves for their country. According to Wikipedia, it is a national holiday in the Philippines which commemorates the fall of Bataan during World War II. It has been a tragic loss for our country.

Abigail Jashael Bagabaldo aka “DJ Jash”

November 1, 1998, as many Filipinos observed the Undás, remembering the dead and paying them their respects, a four-year-old child’s spirit was born. It was decreed in eternity past by…